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Funding a greener future

We’re driving sustainability into the SME lending market by connecting businesses to the funding they need to reach net zero.

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Our proposition

Supporting UK SMEs to reach net zero

As part of the Paris Agreement the UK has committed to being net zero by 2050. To turn this vision into reality, SMEs - who contribute approximately almost a third of the UK's carbon emissions – will need to adapt their business operations to incorporate more sustainable practices.

To support this, we’ve created a Green Finance Marketplace that will help SMEs fund their journey towards reaching net zero and enable lenders to power this move to a more sustainable future.

Fund Green

If you’re a green business whose core mission is rooted in sustainability, or if your company is looking to purchase a green asset such as an electric vehicle or a solar panel, we’ll connect you to the right lender quickly and easily.

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You could benefit from Green Finance if one or more of the following points apply:

Your business participates in renewable, low/zero carbon or sustainable activities

Your business sells sustainable products or services

Your business is working on a green project

Lend Green

If you’re a business looking for funding from a lender who follows sustainable practices, we’ll match your needs to our panel of vetted green lenders.

FO x Tide Green Finance - Lend Green

A green lender has one or more of the following:

A product specifically tailored to the purchase or leasing of green assets

A proposition developed to support green businesses

An appetite to fund businesses at a different pricing rate who have renewable, low/zero carbon or sustainable business activities, products or services

A sustainability, ESG or green policy

For SMEs

Boost your growth with sustainable finance

Access a variety of green funding options quickly, easily and securely

Get closer to reaching net zero / your ESG goals

Demonstrate your commitment to sustainability and build loyalty with your customers

For Lenders

Start funding a more sustainable future now

Join our growing panel of green lenders.

If you’re a lender with a sustainability mission or you want to help green businesses access finance, we’d love to chat to you about how we can fund a greener future together.

Support the growth of green businesses

Attract more sustainability-conscious borrowers

Play your part in reducing carbon emissions to help the UK reach net zero by 2050

Our Commitment to ESG

Supporting UK SMEs to reach net zero

Our sustainability policy sets out our commitments to supporting SMEs and our partners to decarbonise the UK economy through sustainable finance. This policy outlines how Funding Options will look to achieve this through our strategy, governance structure, approach to climate opportunities and the targets we have set ourselves.

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